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Who is AWx?

Acceleration Worx bv or AWx, operates as an independent technology company providing Lm² motion upgrades for Level D Full Flight Simulators.

Director Cpt. Filip Van Biervliet is the inventor and patent holder of the unique Lm² motion control method. He graduated in 1982 as a M.Sc. in Aeronautical Engineering from Delft University of Technology, the Netherlands.

He became an airline pilot in 1986 and logged over 16.000 flight hours on B737, A310, A330 and MD-11 large jets. He was involved in pilot training as a Type Rating Instructor and Line Training Captain for the last 23 years of his pilot career.

As a pilot-engineer, he has a passion for flight handling qualities, fly-by-wire and FFS motion control law design.

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What is Lm² ?
Lateral Maneuvering Motion

Motion Fidelity for Flying Fidelity:

Flying the simulator and flying the aircraft often feels like completely different handling tasks: During taxi the simulated aircraft seems to sideslip over the runway. Flying the simulated aircraft especially during approach and landing often leads to overcontrol.

This originates from the phase error in motion perception compared to the outside visual scenery:

Generic flight simulator motion

The graph depicts lateral accelerations during a 10 seconds alternating manual aileron input, as felt in the cockpit seat of a Level D B737-800 simulator in landing configuration. One can clearly see that aircraft and simulator perception don’t match.

In contrast with this, aircraft and simulator motion do match once Lm² is installed:

Lm² motion algorithm
Ancre 1

Lm² « Lateral Maneuvering Motion » is a patented motion control method* for full flight simulators of large transport category aircraft and helicopters.


Lm² makes you feel you are flying with a large aircraft behind your seat: Taxi becomes realistic without the impression of side skidding over the runway. Manual flight is next to real without out-of-phase leaning of the sim platform or the impression you are sitting in a box rotating around its own**. Reactions to aileron, rudder and tiller control inputs become predictable and natural. 

Lm² manual flight training benefits:

Realistic taxi


Effective crosswind landing training

Stop motion sickness

uprt boeing.png

Added realism to UPRT


Realistic aerial refueling


Realistic approach and landing


Get rid of simulator only PIO

(pilot induced oscillations)

manual flight.jpg

Redefine manual flight training 


Next to real helicopter hovering


Lm² driven white.jpg

* Patents:

European Patent No. 1 946 193

USA Patent No. US 8,393,902 B2

Canadian Patent No. 2,625,103

Other countries patented

** Lm² exceeds by design the motion fidelity criteria of the ICAO 9625 Objective Motion Cueing Tests (OMCT):

Unlike the ICAO 9625 OMCT, Lm² does take the position of the pilot relative to the aircraft center of gravity into account.​ On large aircraft and helicopters this important offset position significantly influences motion perception and thus control inputs by the pilot.

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