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Lm² references


2007.03.06 | Flight International, David Learmount, Operations and Safety Editor

“Simulator flying could actually become fun for the first time, and much less sweaty.”

Russel Davie, General Manager of Operations at Cathay Pacific, Hong Kong

“We feel that the addition of the Lm² programming to our flight simulators enhances the realism of the simulation, particularly for maneuvers requiring precise manual flying, and helps to more closely recreate the sensations experienced on the actual aircraft. With that added accuracy, the value of the training time is increased and leads to improved transfer of skills. The result is a better-trained flight crew, which enhances the safety of our entire operation.”

Cpt. John O’Halloran, Cathay Pacific Test Pilot, Hong Kong

“ Lm² provides improved initial onset cues of the lateral forces experienced by a pilot during almost all manoeuvers. During both normal and non-normal maneuvers, the resulting cues provided the pilot with more realistic and unambiguous illusion that the aircraft was maneuvering in accordance with the control inputs. The false washout cues which can be so prevalent and distracting during simulator flying are also noticeably reduced.”

Cpt. Jeff Carlson, Vice President, Flight Operations, Atlas Air, Inc., Florida, USA

“Manual flight proficiency is the ultimate ‘human factor’ in the safe operation of all aircraft. Lm² allows instructors to observe and train pilots with a much higher degree of efficiency as well as realism.”

Undisclosed Lufthansa Cpt., TRI/TRE A330-340

"Last Tuesday morning was my first encounter with Lm², and honestly I was really impressed by the performance not expecting that big step in realism for in the past I was more used to see effects nicely tuned by special effects to improve a certain cue.

I am really surprised, that such performance can be achieved with the existing basic motion model. Honestly, I do not understand why this subtle cue hasn´t become the standard yet.”


Cpt. Michel Clavareau, TRI/TRE B747, ASL Airlines Belgium

“A genuine improvement of the flight sensation, much more than simply approaching the real thing! Flight sensation is very good, what you see and what you feel are in phase.”

“Challenges in roll-sway motion cueing fidelity: A view from academia”, Steven J. Hodge, University of Liverpool, Royal Aeronautical Society Flight Simulation Group Conference, 9-10 June 2015, London, UK

On a helicopter hovering task:

“Predictable, aggressive, like the real airplane.”



B737-300, B737-800

B747-400, B747-8I, B747-8F









KC-135 Stratotanker

C-130 Hercules

C-130J Super Hercules

KC-10 Extender

C-5M Super Galaxy



CymSTAR announces Collaboration Agreement with AWx at Paris Air Show 2023



USAF chooses Lm2 simulator motion modifier for KC-135 training



KC-135 Aircrew Training System (ATS)


Research paper

Challenges in Roll-Sway Motion Cueing Fidelity: A view from academia

Royal Aeronautical Society Flight Simulation Group 2015 Conference


Capture d’écran 2023-08-06 à 22.15.46.png

Pinnacle Solutions, Inc.

Pinnacle equipping KC-10 simulators with Lm2



What Lm2 is like to 'fly'

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