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BLUR2 KC-135_Stratotanker_Elephant_Walk.

"Lm² offers pilots unprecedented flight handling fidelity in full flight simulators"

Atlas Air Press Release

Motion for Mission Readiness

Until now flying a Level D full flight simulator (FFS) didn't feel very realistic: When giving aileron, rudder and tiller inputs, visual perception of the outside world doesn’t match accelerations from the motion base.

​Flying the FFS and flying the aircraft therefore feels like completely different handling tasks. It results in a tendency for PIO overcontrol and motion sickness. This seriously reduces the effectiveness of manual flight training.


The patented Lm² motion control method is unique in delivering the full training capability of a FFS (vs. a Fixed Base Trainer ) of effective manual flight training, by providing visual and motion perception in phase with each other:

Lm² makes FFS flying next to real, regardless whether the aircraft has mechanical or fly-by-wire controls. You learn to taxi and fly the real aircraft already in the simulator. Your control inputs are natural and predictable like in the real aircraft. Zero Flight Time training including Upset Recovery has never become so realistic before.

Lm² is compatible with fixed and rotary wing large transport category aircraft FFS and is installed as a License through a “software-only” motion update by AWx. Best performance is obtained with the industry norm of 60-inch hydraulic or electric motion bases.

86 Lm² driven simulators worldwide

Effective training for pilots flying more than 1.300 aircraft,

both civil and military.

Civil aircraft:       B737-300, B737-800, B747-400, B747-8I, B747-8F, B757, B767, B777, A320, A330, A340-600, MD-11

Military aircraft:  KC-135 Stratotanker, C-130 Hercules, C-130J Super Hercules, KC-10 Extender, C-5M Super Galaxy


Lm² references

“Simulator flying could actually become fun for the first time, and much less sweaty !”

David Learmount

Operations and Safety Editor

Flight International

“Manual flight proficiency is the ultimate ‘human factor’ in the safe operation of all aircraft.  Lm² allows instructors to observe and train pilots with a much higher degree of efficiency as well as realism.”

Cpt. Jeff Carlson

Vice President, Flight Operations, Atlas Air, Inc.,

Florida, USA

A genuine improvement of the flight sensation, much more than simply approaching the real thing! Flight sensation is very good, what you see and what you feel are in phase.”

Cpt. Michel Clavareau


ASL Airlines Belgium

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