Successful implementation of Lm² on following types:

  • A320 & 321
  • A330 & 340 – 200/300
  • A340-600
  • B737 Classic/NG
  • B777-200/300
  • B747-400/400F
  • MD-11
  • B747-8F/8I
  • KC-135
  • C-130H / C-130J



Russel Davie,  General Manager of Operations,  Cathay Pacific, 2012

“We feel that the addition of the Lm2 programming to our flight simulators enhances the realism of the simulation, particularly for maneuvers requiring precise manual flying, and helps to more closely recreate the sensations experienced on the actual aircraft. With that added accuracy, the value of the training time is increased and leads to improved transfer of skills. The result is a better-trained flight crew, which enhances the safety of our entire operation.”

Cpt Jeff Carlson, Vice President, Flight Operations, Atlas Air, Inc., Aug. 2013

“Manual flight proficiency is the ultimate ‘human factor’ in the safe operation of all aircraft.  Lm2 allows instructors to observe and train pilots with a much higher degree of efficiency as well as realism.”

Cpt Michel Clavareau, B747- 400 ERF, TNT Liège, May 2013

“A genuine improvement of the flight sensation, much more than simply approaching the real thing! Flight sensation is very good, what you see (especially the visual outside) and what you feel are in phase and the behaviour is very well rendered as well.”

KC-135 USAF, May 2014

After extensive evaluation, the US Air Force orders 19 Lm2 Licenses for installation on all of its tanker aircrcraft KC-135 Operational Flight Trainers (OFT). Tampa based CAE USA is  prime contractor for the KC-135 Training System Program and will upgrade all 19 OFT in close cooperation with AWx  as subcontractor.

KC-135 USAF, October 2014

All 19 operational flight trainers are now Lm2 upgraded. The Air Mobility Command KC-135 pilots particularly appreciate the enhanced seat of the pants feel during rudder upset or malfunction exercises and crosswind landing training.

C-130 USAF, December 2015

In November 2015, AWx was awarded a second contract by Tampa based CAE USA to upgrade all 20 C-130 Weapon System Trainers (WST) of USAF Air Mobility Command. All upgrades will be implemented during 2016 in close cooperation with CAE USA and C-130 ATS/JMATS prime contractor Lockheed Martin Corporation.

C-130 USAF, June 2016

Three of four Prototypes of the C-130H and C-130J WST are completed and certified Ready For Training (RFT) by USAF. Pilots commented on the much more realistic ground handling and the feel of flying a large transport category aircraft with a large powerful rudder.

C-130 USAF, April 2017

Roll-out on the full C-130 fleet is almost complete with 18 of 20 WST’s now fully operational and used for training of all USAF C-130H and C-130J pilots.

C-130 USAF, December 2017

All 20 USAF C-130H and C-130J trainers are confirmed fully operational.

A340-600 Lufthansa, December 2017

After extensive evaluation by all Lufthansa A340-600 training captains, Lufthansa Aviation Training ordered three licenses: One for the A340-600, one A340 and one A330 FFS. Handling realism during demanding tasks such as T.O. and approaches with crosswind proves to be significantly improved. This complements the successful implementation on Lufthansa’s B747-8I back in 2015. Together with the B747-8, the A340-600 is the longest commercial airliner in use.


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